This guide to Canadian online casinos has been compiled to give players based in Canada an insight into just which types of Grand Mondial Casino games are available to them and pass on to them information regarding lots of additional facts and figures and suggestions too.

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However, it is important to understand that no matter what type of gambling activities you do choose to take part in, there is always going to be an element of risk associated with gambling, and you should therefore always ensure any money you are thinking of gambling with is money that you can afford to lose.

There will never be any guarantees that you will win when you play at any Canadian online casino sites, and therefore you need to set yourself a budget and always play the games that you like the look of for stake levels you can afford to play them for and in a responsible way too.

It is also important to note, that as the currency of Canada is of course CAD, then by playing at casino sites that do cater for Canadian players, you should be offered that currency option when opening your account.

By choosing Canadian Dollars as you preferred currency that your casino account will operate in, you will not be paying any currency conversion fees and charges when both topping up your casino account and when or if you make any withdrawals from that account either, so make sure that is something that is on offer to you wherever you choose to play real money casino games online.

Casino Games Available to Canadian Players

There are going to be lots of instantly recognisable casino games that players based in Canada are going to have access to online, and with that in mind, and as too there are going to be some games that you may never have seen for come across before when you switch over to playing online, below I will give you an insight into some of the many categories of games on offer.

Card Games – Blackjack, Baccarat and plenty of casino poker cards games are what you will find on offer to you at most casinos that cater for Canadian players, and they will all offer you a range of different low to high table stake limits too.

Table Games – Table games come in all different shapes and sizes, and when playing online you will find plenty of Roulette games and several dice-based games including but not limited to games such as Sicbo and Craps.

Slot Machines – You will have access to basic playing three reel and classic slots online and will also find video slots and fruit machines on which one or more bonus games and/or bonus features can be triggered as you are playing them.

Video Poker Games – Video poker is a card based game on which players are dealt out five playing cards and then need to decide if they wish to hold any of them, cards not held are replaced with new ones deal tout of the cyber deck randomly, and the aim is to form one of the winning combinations displayed on the pay table.

Progressive Jackpots – One other thing to keep in mind, is that each of the different casino game types listed above could have some form of progressive jackpot attached to them, in fact some games will offer more than one progressive jackpot.

It is important to understand the way those games can award such a jackpot, as often players are required to wager a certain way to have any chance of winning a jackpot.

Therefore, always make sure you read through the pay tables or the help files attached to each such game to see if there are any special staking requirements to have the chance of winning a progressive jackpot.

Casino Gaming Platforms

It will be your decision to make as to just which playing environment you decide to play casino games in, and with that in mind allow me to give you an overview of the many different gaming platforms you will have access too.

Downloadable – When you make use of a fully downloadable gaming platform you will tend to notice the games that are usually on offer come from just one company, however you will find plenty of player adjustable game option settings available on that type of gaming platform.

Instant Play – Players enjoy using no download instant play gaming platforms, for the operators of those types of casino sites can and do often add a huge variety of casino games onto their platforms, but from many different game providers.

Mobile – Some players now prefer the convenience of playing casino games on their mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablet devices, and if that is something you fancy doing yourself then you will need to download a casino app onto your mobile device.

Live Gaming – Many casinos offering their services to Canada based players will also have a live gaming platform. That platform will be offering real life casino games that are being played in a casino studio or a land-based casino venue.

As such when making use of any live gaming platform you will be remotely placing your wagers onto real life gaming tables and can then sit back and watch all the gaming action being played in real time via a live video stream fed directly to your computer.

Player Comments

Please do feel free to contact us with any personal feedback related to your own experiences of playing at any online casino sites offered at if you are based in Canada, and below you will find some feedback and comments that our website visitors have sent in to us.

In my experience I have noticed that not all payment options are offered to players living in Canada that are on offer to players in other countries of the world, so make sure you can deposit and just as importantly withdraw by your preferred method at any casinos you do sign up to.

I like the fact that I can set the coin denominations down to just one cent on when playing online slots and can also pick and choose how many pay-lines I send into play on most video slots to, for I only play using small deposits.

The jackpot meters on Microgaming progressive games will be displayed in the currency you are playing in, so when playing in CAD the jackpots displayed on the jackpot meters are in that currency.

I have switched over to only playing Roulette and Blackjack on the live gaming platforms, as by doing so I can see each game being played right before my eyes instead of being at the mercy of a random number generator that determines the results on software driven games.

My advice to anybody about to play at an online casino site is to read all of the bonus play rules inside and out, for some casinos do have very strict terms and conditions associated with their bonuses and some bonuses that look great value may not turn out to be once you get an understanding of how they have been designed.

I have seen some casinos that now list all of the pay-out percentages their games have been designed and built around on their websites, so I suggest that anybody that wants to play the games that have the highest RTP’s look out for and pay attention to that information.

When it comes to claiming promotional offered, in my personal experience the best valued ones do appear to be on offer when casinos are usually at their quietest, which is why I often choose to play midweek, and I do feel the offers and deals are much more free flowing on those days of the week.

I have learnt the hard way that progressive jackpots should never be chased, if you ever intend to play any game that does offer a progressive jackpot then keep in mind you could play them for a very long time and never win one of those jackpots, and could see another playing winning the jackpot on the game you have been feeding for ages.

The only way I now contact a casinos support team if via the isn’t chat feature, for I have often had to wait days for a response from some casino sites via email, in fact several casinos never seem to reply when you ask them any questions via email!

The mobile casino apps I have played on have just as many games as online casinos do, and I like the fact that you can access and play most of those casino app designed games for free and are not always going to be forced to have to play them for real money, I do enjoy playing for free from time to time just to pass some time when I’m bored.